Shopping Panel

A shopping panel to provide a regular survey of fashion buying and shopping behaviour. This project involves the establishment of a consumer panel, initially in the Glasgow area, to provide longitudinal data regarding customer buying patterns and attitudes towards the fashion retail sector.


The aim is to develop a database that can act as a research resource and which can be analysed to understand the shopping processes of Scottish consumers, consumer attitudes towards fashion brands and retailers and to identify the nature of changes in consumer buying behaviour in the fashion sector.

Approximately 100 members of the Panel will be recruited to reflect different consumer groups for example, women with families, elderly men, the disabled, ethical consumers, internet consumers and students. We hope to encourage a mix of both male and female respondents as well as a range of age groups. Data will be collected from the Panel on a regular basis.

In the pilot study consumer diaries were used over a one month period to test the efficiency and effectiveness of this method in obtaining relevant data. Following this pilot a regular cycle of data collection, recording and analysis will be undertaken. It is envisaged, however that a range of data collection techniques may be employed at different times according to the nature of the data required as the project progresses.

This data set will provide a consumer shopping behaviour resource for retailers and researchers in the fashion sector and may be extended to other retail sectors in the future.